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To learn in order to know, to study in order to have the knowledge of the secrets of Nature and of life, to educate oneself in order to be master of oneself, to discipline oneself in order to be master of oneself , to overcome one’s weakness, one’s incapacity and ignorance, to prepare oneself in order to progress in life towards a goal that is nobler and vaster, more generous and more true......

We are not here to do what the others do. We are here to do what the other cannot do because they do not have the idea that it can be done .

—The Mother

mirambika, Research Centre for Integral Education and Human Values, is a center ahead of its time, focusing on Integral Education which is based on the Integral Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It is situated at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram campus in New Delhi.

From its inception, mirambika has had a different approach towards learning. Here learning is based on the view that each individual comes into life with an evolutionary purpose and corresponding potentialities: educating means drawing out this potential.

mirambika center for research in human values and integral education has a Children's wing which is a free progress school recognised by the Directorate of Education, Delhi. At present it has classes for children from age group 3+ to 13 years. The class size is deliberately kept small based on a preference for quality.

The school has a provision for volunteers with different expertise and with the capability to work with children and contribute towards spearheading educational innovation and development. It provides a training ground for educators from all over India. The different learning styles help children to grow up as responsible and self-reliant individuals. Respect for the individual, harmony in diversity and a freedom which asks for an inner discipline are components of the school culture.

When new ways are explored and new activities developed, research and evaluation are a must. To cater to this, mirambika has a research wing. It provides the necessary inputs for further development in the school, in the Teachers training centre as well as in the Resource center.

We invite you to discover, interact and grow with mirambika...

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