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This book is the outcome of nearly three years of study of the functioning of mirambika by the NCERT between 1995-1997. This study was undertaken to understand how the process of learning in mirambika helps the children to transfer to the regular existing system of schools and what the process of transfer entails. The study emphasised that there was no significant problem of adjustment of children from mirambika free progress system to the curriculum centric system that exists. The study pointed out that though the performance was not as good as those who had studied in a system where examination performance was the sole aim the children who had been in mirambika were able to adjust and become leaders in any other school they went to.

The project work approach to teaching in mirambika on the one hand strengthens the students by making them resourceful, initiative taking, responsible for their work and inculcates researching skill, reasoning power of experimentation in them it however, leaves the learner with insufficient experience of written work, expressing in specified time and space or exposing them to test taking skills or related study habits. (p147).

The researchers met the alumni of the school some 19 years later and heard remarks like Mirambika is more than a school which made a difference in our lives.

  • It is a way of life.
  • It helped me know myself.

I understood how to learn with freedom.

A collection of different types of projects that have been done in the different groups. This colourful and descriptive book reflects how children study and understand the world they investigate. This book is useful for teachers and parents who would like know how children perceive the world around them and what the meaning of creative project planning is all about.

A colourful and well lay out and full of interesting experiences of children, this book is a memory of visit to the snows of Shoja in Himachal Pradesh. The book tells of the comfortable warm home and the long and interesting treks one can go on. This special colour book was made as a memento of their visit to this beautiful spot.

A gem of a book which lists various interesting learning cum physical skill development games for children from the ages of 4 to 12. These games are even good for adults to play when they are together in a large group. The book has use for student teachers and practicing teachers.

The approach in this book is the essence of Integral education’s approach to physical development. In a healthy and flexible body dwells a mind which has the power to discern and change. This book explains in detail how the activities can be organised in a school, what the different physical activities achieve and how the choice of activity determines the extent of development expected for each child.

The content of this book based on the writings of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Sri Aurobindo wrote thousands of letters to those who asked for his advice.

This book is a workbook. Besides giving information and the Mother's exercise,it intends to help you to assimilate the information through introspections,worksheets,checklists and so on.The checklists and tips are especially meant to help you to stay focused on your aim in the midest of daily life. Each human being is unique. So the worksheets can be taken as guidelines to which you may like to give a personal touch.