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History of mirambika

Where children’s laughter dances like a gleam
Sun-light runs forward to flow as a stream
Birds humming seems like a peaceful chant
Radiant eyes look forward to make friendship with the plants
Waves of energy plunge into the depths
To find the treasure of their inner strength
A space for young spirts to explore both inner and outer
Life finds its meaning by journeying towards the hidden core.

The birth of mirambika happened in the year 1981 on the campus of Sri Aurobindo Ashram-Delhi Branch. Thirty-nine years old now, mirambika Free Progress School continues to be a conscious attempt at evolving newer ways of learning, focusing on the joyful freedom of growth.

It is an experimental school up to class VIII, recognized by the Directorate of Education, Delhi Administration. It is a school based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother and continues to explore with innovations in Education.

The principles of teaching which are followed in mirambika Free Progress School are based on Sri Aurobindo’s three principles of true teaching.

The first principle of true teaching is that “nothing can be taught”.

The second principle is that “the mind has to be consulted in its own growth. It is the learner who must be induced to expand in accordance with his own nature...”

The third principle of education is to work from “the near to far, from that which is to that which shall be.”

Mirambika does not have a pre-set curriculum or syllabus. The focus here is on the naturally evolving rhythm of learning. The learning environment allows the learner to choose what he wants to learn. At every point, the teachers are in touch with the child’s learning process. The curriculum chosen by the child remains open ended and flexible, always reflecting the dynamism of learning and growing. It focuses on the overall development of the child.

The teachers here are known as diyas (combination of didis and bhaiyas) whose symbolic meaning is ‘radiating light’. Their role is envisaged in multiple ways. They themselves are the learners, guides and facilitators. They support the child to pursue steadily in his learning by suggesting, assisting and encouraging.

Education in mirambika aims at an integral growth of the being revolving around the development of the mind, vital, body and soul. Different classes are named according to the qualities that the children wish to develop in themselves.

The alumni of the school are mostly involved in studying and working as architects, artists, designers and researchers. Many children from mirambika have become national level sports persons, and others have taken up special careers as dancers, artists and musicians both in India and overseas.

In the last 39 years, mirambika has been able to undertake research in different aspects of integral education and have brought out 5 publications which are available for sale at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Delhi Branch book shop called SABDA.

Last but not the least, mirambika offers a different paradigm for learning and teaching; it begins with the assumption that the learner is a unique, complex and evolving person and needs an education which will help him/her to manifest the uniqueness of his/her being.